"Write what you don't know, about what

you do" - Eudora Welty

Catherine Browder

Thoughts on Writing & Reading

... The writing that most move me is that which invites me into a world I scarcely know and makes that world vibrant and comprehensible.

... The best piece of advice I can offer is this: Write what you don't know. The wayfaring imagination is the most satisfying of all to both writer and reader.

... The second most useless piece of advice given to young writers is this: "Show, don't tell." Since when have the told portions of a story--the background or history or even flashbacks-- become inessential? The key is to balance telling--enlivened with vivid, sensual detail--with dramatized scenes.

... One size does not fit all. The young writer should be suspicious of advice telling her she must write first thing in the morning, keep a journal, or always write in the same place, etc., etc. It may take two years to establish your own rhythm of work, but at least it will be yours.